The German Shepherd Kennel "von der Koenigsgarde" was founded 1983, shortly after my marriage to my wife Beatrice. We met at the dog training club, she was more into working dogs, I liked showing. After our marriage we combined our talents and decided to breed our own dogs. Our goal is a beautiful, healthy, mentally sound dog with a good temperament and trainability. We continue to breed towards this goal on a small scale. Our 3 sons help us by socializing pups and caring for dogs when we're gone. Our youngest son Erik helps us in all aspects very enthusiastically. He handles our dogs and those of our friends on shows and breed surveys. He is a very good helper, agitating at our club since he is 15 years old. Our dogs are part of our family, they are often in the house and accompany us on excursions and long walks. Because of this they are all in close contact with people, love children and are very well socialized. We wish you alot of fun discovering our homepage.

  • Amsel purchased.

  • Kennelname protected
  • A-litter with Arrak, Astrid u. Amber

  • C-litter with Cherrie gezüchtet.

  • SHZS Bremen: Cherrie Sg 6, Arrak V 35.

  • SHZS Karlsruhe:
    Eros Sg 15, Gauner Sg 16.

  • SHZS Düsseldorf: Hardy Sg 33

  • R-litter was born.

  • SHZS Düsseldorf: Racker Sg 20

  • SHZS Nürnberg: Racker V 15

  • Emor adopted , SHZS Düsseldorf: Sg 20

  • Aischa, LGZS Hessen: Hessenchampion

  • SHZS Ulm:
    Gigolo Sg 11