en  |  So - Februar 26, 2023 14:05
We mated Jackie to Xander on the 29th of January 2023 hopefully we will have a healthy litter end of March.  Mehr
en  |  So - Dezember 4, 2022 17:49
Jule has 2 males and 5 females by Lando, born on the 12th of November. A very uniform litter with 7 stockcoat puppies, we are very happy.  Mehr
en  |  So - Oktober 23, 2022 13:17
Raising a dog from a pup, achieving all the necessary qualifications and finally to top it all, breed surveying a dog is a huge success. Especially for first time dog handlers, we are so proud of Margit, Wolfgang and Jackie. A great asset to our team  Mehr
en  |  Mi - September 28, 2022 13:24
Sweat, tears and training paid off in the end. After an outstanding bitework on Friday and an awesome presentation in Kingsley's progeny group, Lando was called up in the best ring and placed V 46, which is a superb achievement for our small training group completely on our own, no "friend" or "contact" support.  Mehr
en  |  Sa - July 9, 2022 11:23
en  |  So - Juni 5, 2022 17:17
Lando passed his breed survey with a super bitework in Freigericht under the judge Karl Heinz Zygadto helper was Patrick Mueller.  Mehr
en  |  Di - April 26, 2022 10:15
Lando passed the IGP 2 under Juergen Hess. Tracking was not his normal form due to the very dry windy weather, but obedience and bitework were up to par, especially his favorite discipline bitework with 90 points showed his quality.  Mehr
en  |  Fr - März 18, 2022 9:38
We mated our girl Lotta to the VA 3 male Usher aus der Brunnenstraße we hope to have healthy beautiful puppies in May.  Mehr
en  |  Fr - Dezember 17, 2021 23:05
Nico shows his super temperament and passes his test with flying colors, judge was very impressed with the good natured character he has.  Mehr
en  |  Mo - November 22, 2021 23:16
Nougat took part in a temperament test on the 20th Nov. 2021 under Dirk Gabriel, she passed without any problems and was praised for her rock solid, calm and intelligent character.  Mehr