en  |  Mo - Oktober 25, 2021 13:26
Because of a foot injury I am not able to train the dogs so Erik and Kim pitched in as caller and handler.
And Karlson did his stuff, showed well and placed V3 at the show in Kassel.  Mehr
en  |  So - Oktober 17, 2021 17:34
Myra(Udro-Lotta) and her owner Lisa entered their first show in Neustadt and placed first under Heinz Scheerer. Congratulations, what a way to start a show career.  Mehr
en  |  Do - September 30, 2021 16:07
Lisa, Lando's sister, was x-rayed today with excellent prognosis  Mehr
en  |  Mo - August 30, 2021 21:38
Jule whelps a full litter of 9 pups, 6 males and 3 females by Zet vom Napte-Emmer-Eck. Born on Sunday, the 29th of August, we hope they will develope into beautiful, healthy, happy puppies.  Mehr
en  |  Sa - August 7, 2021 18:07
Lina was shown for the first time, she placed a good SG 4 and with more practice and routine I have no doubt she will improve. Lando showed himself extremely well, in a very high quality class he placed 3rd. Thank you Erik for handling both dogs. Judge Mandy Menzel males, Karl Heinz Zygadto females  Mehr
en  |  Do - August 5, 2021 18:19
Lando and Lina took part in an endurance trial in Bischofsheim under the judge Jens Lambertus. Of course they passed, remarkable is that we started a fund raiser for the victims of the flood disaster in west Germany and raised a good sum of money. Thank you everyone  Mehr
en  |  Sa - July 31, 2021 19:26
Myra passes her first official test, temperament test with her absolute newbie owner and shows her stable character under Kurt Lang on July 31.  Mehr
en  |  Sa - July 31, 2021 19:23
Lisa passes her temperament test with her youth handler Sam in Neu Anspach under Thomas Lapp with a top evaluation on the July 17  Mehr
en  |  So - July 4, 2021 10:25
Lando performed just the way we expected him to, he achieved a very good third place and when he has more coat and more experience we hope that it is the start of an extraordinary show career. He deserves it.  Mehr
en  |  Do - July 1, 2021 13:30
We mated Jule to the very promising young male Zet vom Napte-Emmer Eck. Now the waiting begins, hopefully we will have a nice litter with healthy beautiful pups. We`re really looking forward to these pups and are very excited.  Mehr